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Poles ’n’ Wires

Create a refined line design, in minimal time!

Overhead line design software Poles ’n’ Wires

Poles ’n’ Wires - an easy to use, flexible and economically priced overhead line design software package especially for distribution networks. We have registered users in many countries - about 200 consulting firms and electricity utilities.




What can you do with Poles 'n' Wires?

There are a number of aspects to overhead design - sag calculations, conductor tensions, pole tip loads, line profiling, stringing tables. All these are handled easily by Poles 'n' Wires, and the field data and reports generated by the program can be stored with your other project files, soft- or hard-copy. The software includes both working stress and limit state design methodologies.

You can import groundline survey data from excel, text/CSV and DXF files, and export from the Profile module to excel and DXF files ready for use in other software.

The program includes comprehensive conductor and pole timber species databases (initial data is based on the Australia/New Zealand Standards) that are user-editable.



Poles 'n' Wires produces results generally compliant with the requirements of the following documents:


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