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Poles ’n’ Wires

Create a refined line design, in minimal time!

About Poles 'n' Wires

You can download an information brochure about Poles 'n' Wires here

Click on the buttons in the image below to read about each module.

These screen shots are from version 6. Version 7 has the same functionality with a new interface. See for details about version 7.


Poles 'n' Wires Features



Enter temperature, span length and stringing tension (or sag) of the conductor to determine sag (or stringing tension), actual tension under 'Wind' and 'No Wind' conditions, and mid-span 'blowout' of the conductor.


Enter survey data for the ground line, place poles, attach circuits and then let the computer draw the profile. You can check that ground clearances are adequate and that inter-circuit clearances are maintained even when the top circuit is heavily loaded and hot. You can also check for uplift conditions on poles. The profile you create can be exported to a DXF file for inclusion in CAD drawings.

Pole Tip Load and Bending Moment

Determine the resultant load on a pole due to the forces applied by the attached conductors or cables. Enter details of the attached conductors, and the module calculates the resultant equivalent tip load or applied bending moment for 'Wind' and 'No Wind' conditions.

Wood Pole Strength

Enter data taken from a pole inspection of installed timber poles, and calculate the (degraded) maximum strength.

Conductor Ratings

Calculate the current rating of a bare conductor under different weather conditions.

Conductor Library

Use or edit the large existing database of conductors and cables, or add to it as you require.

Stringing Tables

Generate excel files of sag, blowout, etc for a range of span lengths and temperature.

Conductor Spacing

Calculate the maximum allowable sag in a span if mid-span clashing is to be avoided given voltage and conductor spacing at supporting poles.

Line Reactance

Calculate the inductance, capacitance and characteristic impedance of a line given conductor type and inter-phase spacing.

Sag Calculator

A simple calculator to find midspan sag given conductor attachment heights and ground clearance.

MES/RS Calculator

Determine the Mean Equivalent Span, or Ruling Span for a strain section of mains to be erected. This is an important element in determining sags and tensions in new lines when span lengths within the section vary somewhat.